F.A.Q. (факт)

Q: How old are you?
A: 23
Q: What ethnicity are you? / Where are you from?
A: African-American, Irish, Native American (Cherokee) /  
Kentucky/Tennesse U.S.A

Q: What is your religion?
A. I'm a Muslim. My religion is Islam.

Q: Why do you wear the scarf? 
A:  It's a religious choice but I'm not forced to wear it.

Q: What is your foundation shade?
A:  I use 310 in the Maybelline FIT Me liquid foundation.

Q: What type of skin do you have?
A: Combination,
Q: Do you believe it is haram to wear make up?
A: I believe it is haram only with specific reasons, but I wear makeup 
because it make me feel creative and pretty 
NOT to attract attention from
 the opposite sex or for any like reason.

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